Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Bell? Kim Kardashian Tweeted A Wedding Dress Look---Second Wedding Dresses Ideas

The famous American TV star and fashion designer Kim Kardashian, posted several photos about herself on her twitter two days ago when she went to the pairs haute couture show 2013 in Paris . Would this mean a wedding ceremony is approaching?

 The celebrity has dated with the American rapper Kanye West for about half a year. Several weeks ago ,according to the scandal that she was pregnant. This week, she attended the Paris Haute Couture Show ,and then posted the wedding gowns photos.

 In the photo, Kim kardashian wears a flaxen hair. The diamond tire boost an extravagant sense. Her wedding gown looks quite special and unique. Flawless long dress features elegant halter design. Pleated bodice outline the charming silhouette. The whole appearance could remind people of the goodness in the fairy tale.

 When it was 2011, Kim Kardashian felt in love with the NBA super star Humphries. On the first wedding , Karadashian picked a costumed Vera Wang wedding dress. The gorgeous gown features stunning mermaid silhouette. The wedding didn’t last long. Now kim starts a new life with Kanye West.

 Compared with the first wedding , the second wedding should always be romantic ,but not florid. After the failure for the first time, women are always more sophisticated, more practical .So when they choose wedding dresses, they always prefer simple designs .Without extravagant and luxury frills ,simple designs attach the glamour of the wearers themselves.

Dresses For Second Wedding

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